Atherton seminar resources

Background reading

Digital Futures report

The EU Future of Learning report

Laurillard, D. (2012) Teaching as a Design Science. Building Pedagogical Patters for Learning and Technology. Routledge, London

The Australian HiEd Horizon Report

Sir Ken Robinson's talk at "Learning without Frontiers"

Hattie, John (2009) “Visible learning : a synthesis of meta-analyses relating to achievement” London : New York : Routledge

University of the Future report

U.S. undergrad technology useage patterns 2012 - ECAR study

2012 Babson Research study on staff perception of face-to-face versus online teaching

iTunes U & podcast resources of interest (all free)

An iPad course from University of Massachusetts

Union University course on iPads in the classroom (Ed focus)

Course on using iBooks Author

iPads in education resources - K-12 focus

iPads in schools - Aussie experiences

iPad as a productivity teaching tool - K-12 focus

Loyola Marymount University iPad Exploratory Project

Apple's "iPad how to's"

More techie focussed- Apple deployment scenario podcasts

eBooks of possible interest

iPad user guide (free)

Garageband for iPad ($1.99)

Another Garageband option! (free)

Lecturing with an iPad (free)

Teaching with the iPad ($1.99)

The handy tips guide for iPad ($2.99)

iPad use by medical professionals (free)

iPhoto and the iPad ($2.99)

Keynote and the iPad ($2.99)

Pages for iPad ($3.99)